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Is EtherLock software or hardware?

EtherLock is centrailzed piece of equipment that, as the central component of our product line, actively monitors the physical connectivity of Ethernet equipment through the existing xBaseT wiring of the LAN. EtherLock includes the ability to convert physical information to logical information and provide it to software tools.

How does EtherLock work?

EtherLock is that of a closed-loop system, similar in function to door contact sensors in home alarm systems.  EtherLock injects a DC current signal on xBaseT Ethernet wiring to create a continuous flow of DC current through the Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) of a computer or other physically connected device.  When the Ethernet end device (DTE) is physically disconnected from the network, there is a discontinuity in the current flow and EtherLock immediately triggers an event notification.

Where does EtherLock install?

EtherLock installs quickly and easily on a LAN between the Ethernet hub (e.g., Ethernet switch) and the patch panel, usually located in a data closet.

What must I do to each asset?  Do I run extra cables or load some software on each computer?

For security applications, EtherLock requires no modification at the individual asset level.  Because EtherLock utilizes existing xBaseT network wiring, installation is as simple as adding and changing a few cables connections in your data closet.

My hub is a Ethernet switch, will EtherLock still work?

Since EtherLock is a pass-through device, the EtherLock does not have to operate through the same hub/switch.  A EtherLock can protect widely dispersed computers physically connected through multiple hubs/switches in a single closet.

Does EtherLock work for any network type?

EtherLock operates over any xBaseT Ethernet networks e.g., 10BaseT, 100BaseTX or 1000BaseT (Gigabit) utilizing unshielded twisted pair (UTP) premise cabling such as CAT3 or better cabling. 

Does EtherLock send any packets?  Does it interfere with the network traffic?

EtherLock operates at the physical layer of the network and is a pass-through device for data traffic.  It is fully IEEE 802.3 compliant; network performance is not affected by its use.

  • EtherLock does not transmit data packets across the network
  • EtherLock does not generate excess noise on data communication lines
  • EtherLock does not intercept or alter existing network traffic

What happens if I turn the computers off?

EtherLock provides its own signal to monitor all physically connected assets, so your computers and peripherals continue to be protected when they are powered on, logged off, turned off, or even if the network is down.  As long as power is being supplied to EtherLock, protection of your computer hardware is assured.  We do recommend the use of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for continuous power to EtherLock.

Can mobile users remove their computers without administrator intervention?

Laptop users may be granted access to protect and release specific assets through the inControl browser-based client.  The browser interface avoids training costs and makes access easy from any platform.  The user merely enters their authorized ID and password to record the transfer of the asset from EtherLock control to their responsibility.


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