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What kind of alarm notification does EtherLock/Security generate?  Do you provide an alarm?

EtherLock/Security supports a broad range of notification methods. Physically, EtherLock/Security activates a relay in response to an event. This physical response maybe interfaced to a Watcher audible siren (for distributed physical notification), auto-locking doors, or a building security alarm panel. In addition, EtherLock/Security translates the event into logical notification that may be used for paging, e-mail and other forms of communication. When combined with inControl, event notification is automatically displayed at any inControl monitoring station.

Yes, the EtherLock/Security package includes one Watcher relay alarm, and one Blaster alarm. 

Can I turn alarms on or off during certain times of the day?  Can I have different alarms if certain equipment is tampered with?

EtherLock/Security is configurable to suit your specific needs; alarms can vary depending on the time of day and can be set on a machine-by-machine basis.  However, even when the alarms are turned off, EtherLock/Security still requires an authorized release to remove any asset.

Does EtherLock/Security protect laptops?

Yes. From EtherLock perspective any portable hardware is identical to desk-top. Portable equipment is set to be more frequently disconnected and connected from the network. A PC-Key (physical) or i-listen utility (logical) allow a portable equipment user to sign his asset in and out of the network.

Can the solution prevent my SIMMs and other components from being stolen?

CMS offers SIMMLock;, a bracket that prevents tampering with internal components of your computer hardware, such as SIMM chips, microprocessors and disk drives, by making a screw on the CPU box inaccessible.  The Ethernet cable passes through an opening in this bracket.  The only way to tamper with the inside of a networked PC, is to remove the case screw(s) and disconnect the ethernet cable from the NIC; EtherLock will alert you in real-time of any unauthorized disconnection.

Can peripherals such as monitors, scanners, and external drives be protected?

Yes. SimmLock brackets can also be affixed to any peripheral so that EtherLock will alert you of any attempt to disconnect monitors, external hard drives, printers, etc.

Can printers, servers, or other networked hardware besides PCs be protected?  Does this system work with Apple comuters or workstations?

EtherLock/Security is platform-independent and is designed to protect any networked asset such as printers, scanners, or even manufacturing equipment.

Can't system or asset management software (SMS, LANDesk, etc.) provide the same security?

Those software tools were not designed with security and asset control in mind.  Theoretically, a software-only product can alert you when a periodic comparison of discovery results reveals unexpected changes.  From a practical standpoint, the discovery process has too many contingencies to perform such activity on a regular basis.  For continuous hardware protection, even when equipment is turned off, EtherLock is the only solution.

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