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Our EtherLock Security Systems are the most:

* Efficient: uses ethernet infrastructure and creates no communications traffic
* Effective: monitors for physical removal of an asset and can provide notification in real-time
* Economical: uses the existing network wires and requires no administration

EtherLock II provides an easy-to-use, non-intrusive, reliable security solution. Contact CMS Technologies today for more information regarding Return on Investment (ROI) analysis or a demonstration.

EtherLock II

EtherLock II is a centralized piece of equipment which applies DC current to the physical layer, to continuously monitor the physical connection, receive distinguishing information about Ethernet end devices and provide notification, etc.


A network-connected alarm module for active security in a distributed computing environment. The Watcher™ is internally configurable. It's delivered in a default mode to start working as soon as it is connected to the network. It uses standard dry relay contacts to control CCTV, motion detectors, lights, audible alarms, auto-locking doors, etc.  The Watcher enables routing alarms from the EtherLock II system to building security systems that are monitored.

PC Key

This programmable control key is used with the EtherLock II system to
acknowledge event notifications and to arm and/or disarm the alarm system. It's immediately recognized by EtherLock when it is plugged into a network walljack or patch cord from the walljack. It has a unique, permanent electronic identification number, which can be assigned to each user for tracking and record keeping purposes.


The EtherLock IDentificatiom device or ELID device works in conjunction with the EtherLock II unit allowing for real-time identification and tracking of a computers' physical location on an Ethernet network providing absolute control over what equipment connects to your data network.  The ELID device also allows for a complete location-based inventory of all your assets even if the assets are powered off.



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