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In 1992 CMS Technologies' founders sought to help network administrators at the University of Michigan. The administrators were in search of a computer security solution superior to cables and locks, but less costly than video surveillance systems. The found the answer in the ethernet network that already connected all of the computers.

An innovative method of using the existing network wiring to centrally monitor the physical connectivity of computers attached to the network was conceived. Realizing the uniqueness and potential broad appeal of this idea, the founders filed for a patent on a concept they called EtherLock®, and founded CMS Technologies in 1993 to manufacture and market EtherLock as a tool for the physical security of network-connected assets.

In response to customer demand for simple yet effective asset management solutions, EtherLock evolved to incorporate asset control features. EtherLock makes asset administration transparent. With EtherLock as the asset control platform, CMS offers the information customers need to manage distributed computer networks.

In early 1998, CMS began to develop the current generation of the inControl system, while deploying a new business strategy that included the company marketing asset control products, in addition to the security products. In 1999 CMS launched its highly-innovative and proprietary inControl system that enables physical control, tracking, managment and security of computer assets and network ports.

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