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Our EtherLock Systems provide some of the most powerful and exciting new applications for Ethernet networks in the world. Once installed into the physical layer, EtherLock II enables an intelligent LAN that can monitor its own connections, post it on the World Wide Web and automatically react to any connectivity event. EtherLock provides an easy to use, TCP/IP or HTTP compliant Application Interface (API) for applications developers. Call CMS Technologies, today for more information, Return on Investment Analysis and demonstration.  Talk to the organizations that are in Physical Control. Understand why they will never want to be out of control again.

EtherLock II

EtherLock II is a centralized piece of equipment that applies DC current to the physical layer. EtherLock continuously monitors the physical connection, receive distinguishing information about Ethernet end devices and can post the LAN end-to-end connectivity state onto the world wide web.

inControl Software
inControl ManagerA family of software applications for Ethernet networks that are enabled by EtherLock:

inControl/Desktop: Know at a glance where computing assets are, regardless of their type (desktop, laptop, UNIX work station, phone, printer, etc.) or their power status (on or off or not plugged).  Automate database updating and reconciliation. No more inaccurate information from last year's physical inventory. automatically tracks iMACs as they are executed.

inControl/Cable: Know at a glance the End to End connectivity status of all the network channels. Get a real time alert when ever End to End integrity is broken for ANY reason. Troubleshoot and fix in a fraction of the time today. No more manual cable tracing, logical pinging or assuming management tools. With inControl your database is automatically maintained to 100% accuracy at all times and upon demand. "Beam" into any data closet from any where using only a web browser and review the physical connectivity status.

inControl/Building: Be notified in any way (sound alarm, e-mail, pager, central notification, silent alarm), any where in real time of any unauthorized disconnection of an asset. Acknowledge from any where with no need to interact with the application. Review a complete history log file for the investigation of any event. 

inControl/Network: Be assured no unauthorized intruder is accessing the enterprise intellectual assets (files, e-mails, passwords) from the many "hot" open ports. Centrally, open and close physical connections in the data closet. review from remote the physical network state. 

EtherLock ID

EtherLock ID

EtherLock ID (ELID) is an electronic asset tag, roughly the size of a postage stamp, that permanently affixes to the external case of any asset in minutes. No more running to the asset to read the serial number. The asset ID and its location are being centrally read for you automatically in real-time.

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