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EtherLock II

EtherLock II is the latest generation of our patented technology products.

The concept underlying EtherLock is that of a closed loop monitoring system, similar in function to a home alarm system.  Just as a home alarm sounds when a door or window is opened, connecting or disconnecting any network asset (workstation, notebook, printer, server, hub/switch) is detected in real time.  However, unlike a home alarm system there are no additional wires to run. EtherLock simply uses your existing network wires. 

EtherLock II is an IP device which may be accessed over a TCP/IP (regular) network connection from any Microsoft Windows-based application, or an HTTP (internet) network connection from any internet browser.

EtherLock II may operate as a stand-alone inline power distribution system, security system, in conjunction with CMS Technologies' inControl software application, or in conjunction with other off-the-shelf and custom applications. 

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