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EtherLock ID
EtherLock IDTM, or ELID, is an electronic tag. When affixed to a network asset, this tag emits a globally unique identification number onto the premise wiring. The signal emitted is readable only by EtherLock II or to a computer through one of it communication ports (i.e. serial port, parallel port, etc.).  About the size of a postage stamp, EtherLock ID installs permanently on any asset in seconds. EtherLock ID is normally installed by the asset provider or when the asset is commissioned into the inventory of the organization.  Each EtherLock ID stays affixed to an asset for the entire lifecycle of that asset.  EtherLock ID tag maybe removed from the asset upon the disposal of that asset. Together with EtherLock, EtherLock ID instills a transparent change control platform, utilizing the physical layer of your existing network.

EtherLock ID Tethers are also available to extend tagging to "child" non-networked components.


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