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  CMS Technologies is the innovator in putting a DC current signal to the 802.3i connection. In April of 1995 CMS received a US Patent for impressing a DC current signal onto associated current loops, which comprise xBaseT network wiring, without distrupting the Ethernet data communications. The IEEE 802.3af Standards Committee now refers to this important technique as Power over Ethernet.

Power over Ethernet enables the delivery of power (together with data) without disruption of the Ethernet data signal. The EtherLock, a centralized piece of equipment, is connected between a LAN Switch and a Patch Panel, and sends power over the data communication lines, thereby eliminating the need to locally power remote devices. Thus, the CMS EtherLock provides an efficient, effective and economical way to remotely power, identify, monitor and physically manage Ethernet devices.

Power over Ethernet applications cover a broad range of Ethernet communication devices. Communication devices include IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, web cams, building sensors, personal identification devices, and more. 

CMS provides a common web-based interface called inControl
, which interfaces Power over Ethernet applications to virtually any management application including, asset management, cable management, facility management and network management systems.

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